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 Sound Immersions • Soothing Sounds JAN. 6th

 Sound Immersions   Soothing Sounds 

 These are group sound healing sessions designed to create a sacred space where you can dive down into yourself and allow the vibrations and rhythms of the instruments to assist you to break up stress and tension in your body.

Humans are about 70% water, I invite the many fluids (blood, lymph, cerebro- spinal fluids, water) of your body to immerse you in sound and vibration. This can create peaceful waves of clarity  that begin to flow  through your organs and every cell of your body.

The healing instruments I use are my voice, crystal and Tibetan bowls, gong, and various kinds of percussion.

Please bring a mat, towel or blanket to lay on or wrap around you (if you prefer to sit up). These sessions are on land, the dive you take is into yourself.

Donations  Accepted.


Methodist Church & Thrift

Road 425, Oakhurst,CA

January 6th   2-3 pm

North Fork Studio, Rd 200

(across from the NF library)

New Years Eve Party

Sunday December 31st •  7pm to midnight

Please, no alcohol  •  Bring an instrument, join the music •  Turkish Coffee •  Conversation •  Bring Treats •  Games •  🙂

Archetype Dinner Party #1

Friday, October 20th 2017 from 7 pm to 9 pm

An  experimental dinner party where 12 participants will role play Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes.

Learn about the archetypes

The folks who are role playing the archetypes are bringing their food, if other folks who will be watching want to bring some potluck food too for the audience to share, even snacks, feel free to do so.

No charge, but donations are needed.

Archetype dinner party #1

New Year’s Eve

A group of us have been getting together and making some great music, and we are inviting folks to join us for an open jam session at the STUDIO on New Year’s Eve. 7 pm to midnight

Bring an instrument, and potluck items if you wish.

Mac OS Class Nov 19th

An introductory class on how to use the Macintosh operating system will happen on Thursday, November 19th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The class is $10 but no one will be turned away. For more information you can call Josh Freeman at 559.877.3061